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Almost Human
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Metal Gear Solid
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i made a new skyrim character whose main goal in life is to steal all of the cheese in skyrim for herself


she hasn’t gotten very far yet but she’s off to a good start


three cities worth of cheese… i’d call that progress



I laugh so much because there isn’t a truer post

will always reblog this when it shows up on my dash

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Michael Ealy talks ‘Almost Human’ Emmy nod, reflects on life as Dorian |



My conscience is slowly edging me towards getting a Twitter account primarily to spread the AlHu love.

””[..] Urban and Ealy became so cool with one another that one of their on-set pranks resulted in an picture that had fans buzzing. The picture, featuring Ealy and Urban wearing ridiculous afro wigs and shades, was part of a filmed joke that Ealy initially described on Instagram as a “short film.” Of course, the fans immediately wanted to see the video footage. Ealy laughed as I asked about the video. “I got a couple of tweets about that,” he said. “People are dying to see it.”

The “short film” is, in fact, a real take from the set. “I don’t think I was very clear; when I said we’d made a short film, it wasn’t like it was on someone’s camera or anything like that. We started off the scene behind the door and the crew did not know we were coming out like that. So rather than do the take as scripted, we came out in those characters and just did our own take. So it’s probably more of a blooper than a short film, and I’ll take the blame for calling it a short film,” he said, laughing. “It was more of a take that we did [in which] we kind of let go as those two characters … and the crew just gave us a standing ovation and recorded the whole thing. They filmed the whole thing because they thought it was going to be a regular take. They just let the cameras roll while we kept playing. It was one our funner days for sure. We worked really long hours, and any time Karl and I could make the crew laugh, we knew we had something magical. Oftentimes, the crew would laugh, especially with the scenes in the car. The crew would just be laughing, so we always knew we had some magic in there.””“